Interim management

Repko acts regularly as an interim CMO, operating in businesses with significant urgency and the need to create a big step forward. For international retail formats and pure players.

Rituals constantly innovates. Twice a year we organize major product launches in which we tell internal groups which new lines and concepts we bring out. In that context, René has given impactful presentations to Rituals managers and has included them in a very inspiring story about trends and marketing.
— Raymond Cloosterman, CEO and Founder Rituals Cosmetics

Strategy projects

Repko concentrates on the customer proposition, strategy, branding, channel marketing and positioning. Operating on an ad hoc bases. For retailers, pure players and service providers.

Together with CMO René Repko I’ve worked intensively and successfully on the renewal of HEMA. Crucial and vital at the time was the transfer of the ambitions and plans to internal target groups and suppliers. René was always a great inspiration. Standing in front of large groups, he could make it perfectly clear which direction we wanted to go and enthuse them.
— Barbera Wolfensberger, former Head of Corporate Identity & Communications HEMA

Boardroom consultancy

Repko offers new perspectives and ideas to boards, in an atmosphere of confidentiality and intimacy. Separate from existing business processes and consultancies already working on a brand or format.

At the time René was the leader of a strategy and positioning process for Sligro Foodservice. He took us step by step as a Board in a new, relevant direction. His presentations on the one hand and his role as discussion leader on the other hand were inspiring, clear and effective. Ultimately, this process resulted in a number of important innovations for the business
— Willem-Jan Strijbosch, COO Sligro Foodservice

Thought leadership

Repko scans the international business press, dives into award winning cases, combining this with expert interviews into compelling new insights and ideas. Publishing regularly, and curating newsworthy marketing and digital headlines.

For a group of former Ahold executives, René Repko gave a presentation on retail and e-commerce in China. He showed in an inspiring and visual way how fast developments are going compared to Europe. Repko took the role of presenter and discussion leader very well.
— Erik Muller, former corporate communication manager Albert Heijn
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Repko engages audiences with inspiring presentations. Addressing relevant marketing and cultural topics to teams and audiences, frequently in need of a strong outside-in perspective. Bookings via Speakers Academy, or mail to Desmond de Jong

“René Repko speaks like no other with authority and candour about retail and marketing. Full of enthusiasm and understanding, he knows how to captivate and amuse his audience.
— Yvette Moll, Director Corporate Communications, Action