Pictured above: one of Amazon’s fulfilment centers.

(Photo by Geoffrey Robinson)


Many retail formats are in decline because of the massive shifts in customer preferences. Proven strategies suddenly become obsolete in an extremely competitive and crowded marketplace.

Teams are obsessively looking for the ultimate formula that will lead to increased market share and successful entry into adjacent channels and markets. Some are in denial.

René Repko is one of Netherlands’ leading retail marketeers. With over twenty years of executive experience, he has significantly improved the customer proposition of leading value and luxury retail brands such as Albert Heijn, HEMA, Sligro, Rituals and Action. These formats all gained in relevance and market share, thanks to his role in the leadership team.


New lingo, old principles

Repko’s new outfit is labelled The New Bazaar. Under this umbrella he combines his retail experience and connects to a network of specialists and agencies.

Why this label? All the lingo in the world (AI, data, algorithms) cannot change the fact that to conquer people’s hearts and minds old principles remain the same: offering a relevant experience, for the right product or service at the right price. Creating desire.

While roles, tech and tooling have changed significantly, ultimately the trade-off in present on and offline retail differs not that much compared to the days of the old bazaars and souks.



Repko develops effective strategies that create a strong perspective. His focus is omni-channel, understanding that customer preferences differ and can flip in a second.

He starts with unique customer insights and proven models. Both Dutch and international case studies are used to strengthen sales funnels and add differentiation. Innovation is core in his approach.

His background shows both European retail cases and e-commerce experience, combined with insights and knowledge from Harvard Business School and recent international retail safari’s.

He is a big admirer of China’s ‘new retail’, as it exemplifies a new revolutionary concept, fully integrating the offline and online (O2O) experience.


Hope is not a strategy

Repko’s ideas and concepts fuel growth. He will demonstrate that successful marketing is less complicated than it seems. It just requires experience mixed with great ideas, some guts and a great team.

Welcome in The New Bazaar.